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Opipramol Hydrochloride

Opipramol Hydrochloride

4-[-(5H-dibenz(b,f)azepin- 5-yl)propyl]-1-piperazineethanol dihydrochloride

C23H29N3O . 2HCl
Mol. Wt.: 436.43
CAS 909-39-7
Yellow powder with a bitter taste.
Very soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol and in chloroform, practically insoluble in ether and acetone.
pH of 10% Solution
Contains not less than 98% and not more than 102% C23H29N3O . 2HCl , calculated on the dried substance.
Loss on Drying
Less than 0.5%.
Should be kept in well-closed containers, protected from light.
Medical Usage
Method of analysis is available on request.

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