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Trimeprazine Tartrate (Alimemazine Tartrate BP/USP)

Trimeprazine Tartrate (Alimemazine Tartrate BP/USP)

10-[3-(dimethylamino)-2- methylpropyl]phenothiazine tartrate (2:1)
Mol. Wt.: 747.0
CAS 4330-99-8
White or slightly cream-coloured odorless or almost odorless powder.
Soluble in 4 parts of water, in 30 parts of ethanol (96%) and in 4 parts of chloroform.
Related Substances
TLC - meets BP.
Ordinary Impurities
TLC - meets USP
Other Tests
Meets BP/USP requirements.
Not less than 99% and not more than 101% of (C18H22N2S)2. C4H6O6, calculated on the dry substance.
Loss on Drying
Not more than 0.5%.
Keep in well-closed containers, protected from light (it darkens on exposure to light).
Medical Usage
Antihistaminic, antipruritic and sedative.

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